Welcome to Tiny Habits Academy

We teach people how to create habits, quickly and easily, using a breakthrough method called Tiny Habits®.
We also train professionals so they can use Tiny Habits to improve the lives of their clients.




"Perfect blend of professional and personal!  Got the next steps I needed! I was not rushed and felt like I was speaking to a friend. How refreshing! Uber smart AND patiently kind. Thank you!!"
"Great! Amazingly Empathetic!  I explained what I want to do by applying to the academy, I was listened deeply, kind of coached and understood. Also motivated and was given very useful feedback and directions. Very thankful and most importantly happy that I made the decision to apply and to contact! Thank you very much!"
"Incredibly Open-minded and Compassionate! Our conversation was very productive, and my concerns were well received. I had a difficult request to fulfill, but it was handled with a high degree of professionalism. Gave me very helpful advice and provided reasonable solutions. Thank you!"
"A Tiny Habit in Action. A great opportunity to further sharpen my thoughts, my pencil and my action items!"
"Very professional and courteous. Gave me honest feedback. Thank you!!"
"Told me the exact thing I needed to hear. I was bouncing around my questions. She answered every question and then presto I got the exact suggestion I needed!"
"I'm giving it an F... Which means a good thing: Fabulous, inFormative, Fun and eFFective!"
"Linda was awesome. She took the time to get all my questions answered. I'll enjoy working with her in the future."
"All the Info You May Need! Went into TinyHabits call curious, came out ready and excited to participate in this awesome program."
"Excelente. Muy profesional Excelente la información, y la paciencia de linda para explicar- Gracias"
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Learning the concept of Tiny Habits® has made me calmer and more productive as a mom without feeling overwhelmed.
"The clients that I have worked with just light up when they have that "I can do it" light bulb go off. They leave the session with a skip in their step. It appears that Tiny Habits renew everyone's sense of self-mastery. I really appreciate being able to be involved with Tiny Habits to help and give people practical tools for success momentum. How exciting to be a part of behavior science that is sweeping the nation!"
Ann Dolence - Wellday at Work.com - Moorhead, MN
Stuart Corigan
"It was easy to implement and learn. And it's stuck."
Stuart Corrigan - Scotland
"I was amazed at the kind of habits that people were trying to build. They were excited about the process the whole week, and I felt extremely happy being able to help them build their habits."
Shahir - proactivelivingnow.com - Hyderabad, India
"I was surprised by the rewarding and grateful feeling this process has brought to me. It is more personal feeling. Giving up education and turning to a coaching career took me lots of courage. This is a starting point of my career change. a new adventure."
"I knew helping people was fun, but this is really fun!"
Tom - Fresno, CA
"I’m a little bit surprised at how much fun coaching other people with their Tiny Habits is!"
"I'm having a blast with coaching! I really appreciate the fact that you have the process each day all laid out - makes it really helpful. What has surprised me has been how wonderful the responses have been from the Habiteers! Most seem to be really committed, and are so excited to receive coaching, and are quite thoughtful about the process - makes it really fulfilling for me to help them out."
"The Tiny Habits apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to meet and work with fascinating, motivated people from all over the world. It was rewarding to be a part of helping others make key changes in their routines and in their lives. I’m loving every minute of it. It still delights and intrigues me to see the larger shifts people make in their lives as a result of Tiny Habits. It is such a joy to go through part of that process with them."
Kim Avery - Kim Avery Coaching - Florida
"The training has completely changed the way I build habits. My own trainees are thrilled with the approach. People keep telling me how they learned to wake up early every day, drink enough water or exercise every day. Thank you for the program."
"The Tiny Habits masterclass answered all the questions I had after doing the introductory course. I now feel confident that I can coach others to help them make improvements in their life by using Tiny Habits."
Michelle Archard - How to be Romatic - Melbourne, Australia
"The tiny habits master class gave me great insights into how people design habits and what sets them up for success or failure. It was a great learning experience. BJ and Linda are extremely helpful and open."
Shahir - proactivelivingnow.com - Hyderabad, India
"This course was the perfect amount of theory and tactical application. You walk away with a better understanding of how habits can be created AND it is something you can immediately apply."
Russell, USA
"Thank you for the GREAT Tiny Habits training session!  The material was great, the location was awesome, and the group was fun. Your examples and suggestions were spot-on. Really a fantastic experience."
- Debra, USA
"I loved the Tiny Habits Masterclass.  The classroom interaction and information was truly transformational.  I'm now eager and ready to share Tiny Habits with other Christian coaches so they can too can use this vital tool to help their clients succeed."
Kim Avery, Kim Avery Coaching, Florida, USA
Stuart Corrigan
"Tiny habits had a huge impact on my life.  I lost that last stone I’d been trying to lose for years, My wife and I get on better because I'm tidy around the house and I'm more productive at work.  Not many programmes deliver ALL those benefits...and the people are also very nice!"  
Stuart Corrigan, Scotland